What Can I Do For You?

You’ve been tasked with finding a solution to dwindling sales, a lack of customer retention, yawn-inducing product/service descriptions, and uncertain brand loyalty.

You know your product or service categories are still in demand, so why are your metrics declining?

You’ve made sure your CSR game is strong.  You like your people. Your customers have always responded well to your people, and they are working harder than ever to keep things afloat.  

And yet – everyone is growing concerned over the problems at hand.

You check out the competition and can’t help but feel their content presence has quite a bit more ‘oomph’ than yours. Their stuff just seems to be so on-point.

Your own web presence suddenly strikes you as tired, a little cold feeling and, frankly, completely uninspiring.  There’s just no real connection to the customer as a human being.

In this day and age consumers, as they seek to fulfill a NEED, do their research online. But data shows your visitors only stay on site for an average of 18 seconds in a mad dash through a couple of pages……and then they’re gone.  

The vast majority will not be back. They will land and stick on your ‘on-point’ competition.

Opportunity missed.


Having identified that your web presence is the likely culprit, you begin to do some research of your own. You must solve this problem.  You’re determined to turn this ship around but you need help with updating and reinvigorating your CONTENT so that your visitors want to stay with you.

And then you happen to come across me, Robert, content specialist and founder of Double Dogleg Creative.

You decide I look like a nice enough guy (I am!).  Seems I’ve probably been around the block a time or two (I have!), with a face like an old catcher’s mitt (boo!) and it appears to you that I can write (I can!)

You see that my writing is heavily invested in a unique H2H (human-to-human) style that feels inviting, warm, comfortable ~ everything your current web presence is not.


You wonder ‘what else is out there’ and you visit the pages of a handful of other copywriters.  But somehow most seem to be missing the mark, at least where YOU are concerned.  

Perhaps their writing is just not that great.  Maybe robotic and impersonal. Just not ‘customer friendly’.  Almost everyone is churning out copy as if there’s one rigid, hot-plate sales template that they’re all using.

It’s the same-old-same-old and that’s NOT what you want, for yourself or your business.  It just doesn’t feel……human.

So you come back and revisit my pages.  

Thank you.  I hope it feels right.  

Please REACH OUT.  Let’s solve your problems.


  1. We’ll meet. You’re instantly at ease.  You sense right away that I care about you as a person, first and foremost.  We may not order an Awesome Blossom or Babyback Ribs (though I’d be down!) but you sense this could be kinda fun!  As serious as your problems may be, you sense an earnest and confident calm in me.  We’re going to work well together.
  1. After listening intently to you, perhaps reviewing your current web presence and looking over some of your visitor metrics, I get to work and, within 72 hours, deliver to you a ‘prescription’ and a work proposal.
  1. If after reviewing these documents you decide to go all-in and bring me on board, we’ll sign off on our contract and I’ll do my thing.  We communicate back and forth, if needed, during the writing process. I know you’re anxious to get things fixed, and I certainly won’t dawdle. I write quickly and  cleanly. When I believe in what I’m writing, the words just flow and all I have to do is move my pen across the paper.
  1. No later than our contracted deadline, I’ll deliver the content to you for review. We’ll have a ‘revisions meeting’ where I note anything you wish to add, change, or omit.
  1. Your final copy is soon delivered into your hands.
  1. Your webmaster takes this content and puts it into play.  Voila!
  1. If you would like ongoing services, with H2H content such as regular newsletters, employee and/or customer spotlights, loyalty and retention emails, social media and blog posts, audio/video scripting, etc., we’ll keep talking!

Whatever you decide to do, whether you’re in B2B or B2C, just please remember this:

If it’s not H2H content, you’re likely going to miss out on a lot of customer acquisition and retention opportunities. That’s just the way the world is turning.