Why am I here?

  • Because I can’t play guitar or sing, and I’ve always been terrible at math.
  • Because I am good at what I do – writing – and I love the challenges inherent in working with words, minds, and hearts.

So, what brings you here?

Odd question since this is the ‘About’ section, but what this is really about is YOU. If you choose to work with me, it is then about US. You tell me what you want to see happen, what problems need to be solved, your vision. Then I go to work. And I work until the job is done to your satisfaction.

Call me, email me, reach out to me. We will have a conversation, within 24 hours, to address your needs.

Now, if you’re reading this while having lunch at your desk, you probably still have some time to kill. If this is the case, I have provided more traditional ‘About’ material below.

Hi, I’m Robert. I’ve been writing for as long as I can remember. Even before my formal education began, you could find me laying on the kitchen floor with a yellow legal pad making line after line of loops and curly-cues, pretending I was actually writing something.

In the first grade, I won our schoolwide writing contest with a story about a snowflake that is falling with his mother until he lands on a branch and she continues to fall, lost forever within the accumulating blanket of snow. Drastic, I know. My next story, in second grade, also won and featured a bar of soap that feared the conqueror drain its entire life, knowing he was getting smaller and smaller with each passing bath. I was a seven year old existentialist. So, something’s clearly wrong with me. That’s where I’ll begin.

At UC-Santa Barbara, I ended up graduating with a degree in Film Studies, specializing in screenwriting.

After being hired to write the screen adaptation for a revered 20th century novel, and then having an original screenplay optioned by a production company, my wife and I learned our family was about to grow. To stabilize financially, I became a teacher and worked for 24 years with our DoD Schools in Seoul. When our base closed, I became an Education Consultant in Myanmar (Burma). A combination of covid and violent military coup ended this diversion after just nine months. Having evacuated from the coup, I am now turned perpetually towards the California sun, and loving it! I am renewed!

I can write anything as long as I believe in the message. When that happens, the channels open and the words arrive. If you’re reaching out to me, I believe that you know you also have an important message to share, and you need someone else to believe, someone who can help you give word and voice to your vision. That’s what I do.

There’s a lot more to this story, but I’d rather meet and learn more about what YOU wish to achieve!

Are you ready?

I am!