If You’re Over 50

For those of you out there, still striving and creating after age 50…..keep in mind this oft-quoted message (usually connected to an image of an old samurai):

‘Assuming I’m too old was your first mistake.’

And if you were living in the time of the Shoguns, you might have added the rather final,

‘And it will also be your last.’

This is not a call to violence! It’s a mindset. Keep yourself sharp and ready. Never stop. Your experience in life is your badge of honor.

Also, for those who worry they can’t make it because they can’t afford trainings and gatherings and must-have products…..keep in mind that the greatest samurai of all, Miyamoto Musashi, preferred a wooden sword over the fine blades made of Kyoto steel. He also ended up killing his well-armed arch-nemesis with a wooden oar. So………yeah. There’s an analogy in there somewhere!


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