Double Dogleg Creative helps businesses and individuals through strong H2H content creation. I address all phases of the customer’s journey, from initial research to post-purchase satisfaction, retention and loyalty.

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H2H content is what customers crave!

But why ‘Double Dogleg’?

If you golf or climb, you may already relate. A double dogleg is a challenge that typically requires three steps, three pathways, to reach the final target.

If you were to take the letter Z, grab it by both ears, and stretch it vertically for ten seconds, it would look like a double dogleg.

Now, what does this have to do with my writing business?

The double dogleg is an apt visual, and metaphor, for my process when writing for a client. Working with you to solve your problems and prescribe solutions, we would plan a three-part approach.

If I can switch over to a golfing analogy, the first written event, our introduction, will get us down the first fairway and perfectly set up for our next shot, our next step in the writing plan.

We’d then strike again, a little harder this time, a little more persuasively.

But ALWAYS with passionate person-to-person communication.

And now we are perfectly placed to go for the green. We can see the hole, out at the end of the final ‘leg’ of fairway. We line it up and drive it. The most powerful, yet carefully crafted, engagement and Call to Action for your targeted audience.

Finally we have your ball in the cup and it’s time to head to the clubhouse, basking in a successful campaign!

Three steps, from gentle persuasion to a strong ‘call to action’.

The double dogleg is an image I keep in my head as I write out the approach to engaging, enticing, and captivating your clients and customers. And it works.

The double dogleg also shows you the careful crafting that I will do to insure that your copy does exactly what you want and need it to do.

Please don’t ever hesitate to contact me! Talk to me. I’ll be listening!